DXN Code Strike Reviews wanted this video to be

DXN Code Strike  wanted this video to be free it's non comedogenic so basically free of all the things that could potentially make irritation on the skin much worse when I had a rash this was all I would use and for those of you who are super super dry like Rowena who get really dry skin on either like the heels or the elbows or even then next from eczema you can try the healing ointment because it's like a super dose of moisturization a texture of this one is much thicker than the lotion because it does really help restore dry irritated and cracked skin and especially in the winter when places like our heels even our necks if you have eczema or just all over the body they tend to get really flaky and dry this is the one that you probably want to try out because it is more of that super dose of nourishment to repair and replenish the skin and the tender loving care that it really means at the same time it's not greasy and it's best to heal dry cracked and chafed skin with the essential ceramides that your skin really needs and creeps so then sometimes my elbows will get really itchy and dry and they actually stop peeling and flaking away and it's quite painful sometimes and I don't know if it's eczema or something like that but when